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Welcome to my Rock Shop! My name is David and I personally have been collecting rocks since the 4th grade when I lived in Arizona. I was able to see many real mines and once active sluice ways out in the Southwest, and since then I have been hooked for life.

I have now been living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the last 10 years and let me tell you… the UP is a rock hound’s paradise. I have been personally researching, scouting, and hauling in the treasure from the area.

I definitely want to encourage all visitors of this site to see more of my personal collection from locations around the USA and beyond.  Once you have been through the whole collection, I am sure you will find something that you’ll absolutely cherish.

Roth’s Rocks Online Store for Rare and Unique Mineral and Crystal Specimens

It’s not often in life when a passion transforms into a life-long pursuit, and I am so happy that I can share my interests, collections, and supplies with others who also enjoy rock, minerals, crystals, stones and lapidary.

So, thanks for visiting, hope to see you back here real soon!


David Lee Roth


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