Giant Ammonite Fossil for Sale

Giant Ammonite Fossil

We have a Giant Ammonite Fossil for Sale here at Roth’s Rocks. We have been excavating, preparing, and supplying superior fossils like this Giant Ammonite for more than 10 years. Our private collections contain some of the world’s premier museum grade ammonites. Many of our Giant Ammonite Fossils be seen in major museum collections around the world.

Giant Ammonite Fossil for Sale

Although eurypterids are our specialty, we offer quality fossils of all types, from varying localities all over the world. As well as finding and selling fossils, we employ skilled preparatory emplyees to clean and conserve specimens in our own workshop.

Paleontology has been a lifelong interest for us here at Roth’s Rocks. We are collectors as well as retailers, and we invite you to tour our Private Collections where some of our finest fossil finds are on display. 

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Roth’s Rocks today. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have questions about fossils, or if you’d like to place an order.

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