JaspiliteRoth’s Rocks offers Jaspilite by the pound or ton. Jaspilite has many useful applications such as supplies for lapidary, decorative boulders or stones for landscaping, and polished slabs and stones make quite elegant pieces for specimen display.

If you are interested in buying Jaspilite from us then please contact us today for more information about types, sizes and pricing. We can guarantee it will be worth your time to talk to us!

Polished Jaspilite:

Polished Jaspilite

Polished Jaspilite Stones

Polished Jaspilite Rock

Lapidary Jaspilite Creations:

Jaspilite Necklace Pendant

Jaspilite Keepsake Box

Jaspilite Earings

Raw Jaspilite:

Raw Jaspilite for Landscaping

Raw Jaspilite Stone

Raw Jaspilite Rock

If you need small or large quantities of Jaspilite, then you have come to the right place. Roth’s Rocks will help you out! Get a hold of us and let’s make a deal.

About Jaspilite:

 Jaspilite is a Banded Iron Formation. It is also known as Banded Ironstone and is a distinctive unit of sedimentary rock that are almost always of Precambrian age. A typical Jaspilite consists of repeated, thin layers, of silver to black iron oxides, either Magnetite (Fe3O4) or Hematite (Fe2O3), alternating with bands of iron-poor shales and cherts, often red in color, such as Jasper.

 Some of the oldest known rock formations, formed over 3,700 million years ago, include banded iron layers. Banded layers rich in iron were a common feature in sediments for much of the Earth’s early history but are now rare.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaspilite

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