Isle Royale Greenstone for Sale

Roth’s Rocks offers Raw and Polished Michigan Greenstones for sale. We have quite the selection with over $70,000 of Michigan’s Isle Royale Greenstone in stock. We know there is something for everyone! Please take a look at some of our inventory below:

GreenstoneIf you are interested in buying our Isle Royale Greenstone then you need to contact us today. Do not wait to speak with us because we can help you out on a great price for Greenstones as we are offering Wholesale Pricing on all our Michigan Greenstones. The current Greenstone price is $116.00 per gram. We can beat that all day for our customers! We want to give you the best price and help you make money on your investments with us!

Upper Michigan Greenstone for Sale

Michigan Greenstone for Sale

Michigan Greenstones for Lapidary

Want to harvest your own Greenstones right out of the rock they formed in?  We can get you Greenstones that are still in the actual Basalt Rock they formed in millions of years ago.

We have access to unlimited amounts of this Greenstone Basalt. We will sell it to you by the pound or ton. No problems. You can take the beautiful Greenstone and make whatever you like with them. They are very valuable and hard to get.

Greenstone Basalt

Greenstone Basalt

Greenstone Basalt

In the photo above you can see the Greenstones that have formed in the Basalt Rock. The green ovals and more rounded green shapes are Raw Greenstones that need to be freed from the Metamorphic Rock. The Basalt is fragile and easily breaks away with a small rock hammer.

Greenstone in Basalt

Remember, you never know how many or what size Greenstones can be found. Nothing is more fun than digging your own treasure!

After you sort the Raw Greenstones all out, you will want to tumble them and see what you wind up with. We can gurantee that when you buy Greenstone from us that you will know that we have hand selected only the best pieces to sell. We want to make sure you have an amazing experience while harvesting your stones!

If you are interested in purchasing our Greenstone Basalt then you need to contact us today. Do not wait to talk to us because we can help you out on a ton of Greenstones… Literally!

Michigan Polished Greenstone

An Example of Our Harvested Greenstones

The above photo is an example of the Greenstones that we personally harvested out of a medium sized Basalt rock that weighed about 5 pounds. Aren’t they absolutely incredible?

Greenstone Jewelry Examples

Greenstone Necklace

Greenstone Bangle

Just think of all the amazing Greenstone Jewelry you can create! The sky is really the limit to your imagination when using Greentones for Lapidary.

If you need large quantities of Michigan’s Greenstone then you have come to the right place. Roth’s Rocks will help you out! Get a hold of us and let’s make a deal.

Michigan Greenstone History and Facts:

Chlorastrolite also known as Michigan Greenstone, is a green or bluish green stone.  It is found in the Keweenaw Peninsula of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Isle Royale in Lake Superior. Isle Royale is a National Park, and so it is illegal to collect specimens there. It is difficult to identify an unpolished pebble of Greenstone. Most gem quality Greenstones are very small, and it is rare to find one that is larger than a half inch. The largest gem quality stone is in the Smithsonian and measures 1.5 by 3 inches.

Other Names:

  • Green StarStone as found especially in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
  • Greenstone or Isle Royale Greenstone and Lake Superior Greenstone.
  • Turtle Back is a name sometimes given because of the overall pattern, particularly in polished pieces, which roughly resembles that of a turtle shell.

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